Saturday, February 16, 2008

Romney Sends Endorsement, Delegates McCain's Way

Romney Frees McCain for New Fight

Even after he puts his candidacy on suspension, the flip flops just keep on coming. Check out this
. Does this honestly look like a heart felt concession on the part of Mitt Romney? Good grief, does it even look like a heart felt and appreciative acceptance on the part of John McCain?

I'm not one to buy into conspiracy theories but something is up here. All the evidence leads to the fact that Romney was under some type of duress or other persuasion to endorse McCain. I wouldn't doubt if Mike Huckabee had been given the same "offer", only he chose to blow it off. Face it Romney was willing to say and do anything to secure that GOP nomination for himself. His hatred of John McCain was almost as intense as it is for Mike Huckabee. There was even rumor that Huckabee and McCain conspired against Romney in West Virginia and Mitt was none to happy about it either. Right after "Super Tuesday", Mitt vowed to press on in his bid for the presidency and then boom, he suspends his candidacy and just like that, he becomes a McCain supporter.

I would love to see the authority identified that is causing all these somewhat out of character endorsements for John McCain. I have my own suspicions as to who they are but for the sake of my propensity to err, I'll wait to disclose such info.


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