Friday, February 22, 2008

Huckabee's Response to McCain/NYT issue

Huckabee's Response to McCain/NYT issue

When asked about the McCain/NYT issue concerning John McCain and Vicki Iseman Gov. Huckabee responded with, "I only know him to be a man of integrity."

Okay, here is guy who has been dumped on by the Republican party right from the git-go. Yet through it all, he has managed to take the high road even when dirt about an opposing candidate is dropped right in his lap.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I believe Senator McCain or not when he says nothing happened between him and Ms. Iseman. I find the idea of a 71 year old guy mixing it up with a 40 year old woman a little repulsive. But based on the reasons why McCain left his first wife it wouldn't surprise me to see history repeat itself.

Not to stray to far off the subject of this post, what I found so interesting about this article from MSNBC aside from it's brevity was actually the reader comments.

Particularly this one from Cory in Tampa Florida;

Since Huckabee has shown us lately that he is not a man of integrity, and has only stayed in this to make personal money on speeches in the Caymans and to now SELL his book on how he thinks we should do to help America.(Other candidates just put their suggestions on their websites for free.) I don't think that his opinion on integrity means anything. Once a televangelist always a televangelist.

The absence of fact really scares me, regardless of which side it's coming from. Where do people get their information. Huckabee is an ordained minister, yet that hardly makes him a televangelist. Also, I wonder if Cory is aware that the other presidential contenders, Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain, as well as Rep Ron Paul are all being paid full congressional compensation while they are seeking party nominations. That means dear Cory, that all these candidates are receiving taxpayer support while campaigning. Even Mitt Romney while he was still a contender had his personal fortune to live off of while on the campaign trail. Huckabee does not have a personal fortune or a congressional position to pay his bills while campaigning.

Regardless though, I believe that the reason why Huckabee is still in this race is because he seeks the presidential nomination. Duh.

An obvious intellect, Rick From North Carolina opined;

What is it with the immoral majority? they prattle and preach to the rest of us but they voted for a man in bush who was a drunk and coke snorter and married to a woman who killed a teen in an automotive accident...they let scum like ted haggerty lie to them about sex outside of marriage and using coke and then sit silent when he is exposed as a coke snorting gay sex crazed go clowns to right of me

I'll just let this one stand on it's own merit.

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