Saturday, March 8, 2008

McCain: "Falwell and His Type are Agents of Intolerance.

Agents of Intolerance

Although Senator McCain has changed his tone concerning evangelicals since 2000, I honestly doubt that his true opinion has changed. At this point, I'm still willing to give him my vote but that's subject to change based on who he or the party chooses as his running mate.

There are times when I'm not so sure if it really matters any way. Bush has done a lot of damage to the party over the last eight years. There is a good chance that many Republican voters have been made so disenchanted by President Bush and the Republican party that they may just stay home or cast their vote for the other side.

Another factor is the war. Most Democratic voters are voting to end the war once and for all. McCain's GOP nomination was primarily based on the opinion that as a military hawk, he's better qualified to handle national security. This will be his down fall in November if one is to factor in all the Ron Paul voters with the Barack Hussein Obama supporters. There is no question in my mind, especially if Barack Hussein Obama wins the Democratic nomination that, McCain will be effectively villafied as a warlord.

Senator McCain must unify the Republican party in order to win the General Election in November. His only hope is to receive heartfelt forgiveness from the social cons, his remarks eight years ago aren't just going to go away because the senator claims he's changed his mind. His remarks were aimed at Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, but many evangelicals identify themselves with these two. You slap one of them and a fairly large voting demographic gets a red mark on the face.

McCain's best and probably only hope for winning evangelical voters to his side is based on who his running mate is going to be. Another moderate on the ticket is not going to do it. He needs a very strong and dedicated conservative to come on board with him. Not just a fiscal conservative, but a social con as well.

Without the evangelical vote, Senator McCain has the same shot at the White House as a snow ball has of getting across hell. John McCain, you have your work cut out for you.

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