Monday, May 31, 2010

As A Conservative...

As a conservative and a Christian, I'm not really all that concerned about gay marriage. It seems to me that at this point in history, a divorce rate within the church that is comparable to that of the secular world should raise more flags.

As a conservative, I don't much care about the Miss USA Pageant's  politically correct choice for the Miss USA crown. It's an American beauty contest and she is an American beauty. My knowledge and interest in the Miss USA contest is such that I don't know if the contestants are expected to be native born or not. Yet none of the conservative pundits who decried this selection made any mention of such a rule.

In all honesty, I'm a little more concerned with potential death threats against her by the Islamic hierarchy. As  Muslim woman, she seems somewhat ignorant of what her religion dictates  to be proper attire and behavior. If a Muslim woman can be stoned for refusing to wear a burka....well.

As a conservative on twitter, I find terms such as "libtard", "repug", "libiot" and "teabagger" as nothing more than a means to bring the political discussion down to an elementary school playground mentality. Admittedly though, I've caught myself using the same juvenile tactics.

As a conservative, I'm really tired of being called a racist. If progressives oppose conservatives for our stance on lower taxes, smaller and more efficient government and less government spending then fine argue those points. Racism is straw man argument and signifies that their own bigotry is based on lies.

As a conservative, I'm adamantly opposed to abortion. A typical left wing response to my pro life stance would go something like this...

"Typical right wing racists", (They always call us racists). "You oppose financial regulation so that big business can rip us all off yet you seek to regulate a woman's uterus". To which I would reply, "Not true. I'm not to fond of being ripped off by big business or big government for that matter. And I certainly don't seek regulation over a woman's uterus. My concern is the life inside the uterus."

Doesn't the Declaration of Independence declare our God given right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Kind of difficult to enjoy liberty and to seek out happiness when your life is snuffed out in the womb.

As a conservative I have a lot of problems with RINOs but I still disagree with the anti-incumbent mood of my party. I just feel that moderate GOP lawmakers would probably serve the conservative cause far better than a liberal Democrat would.

As a conservative, I feel that Keith Olbermann is not just a weanie, but is an infectious scab on the balls of society.

As a conservative, I'm amazed by the left's rants concerning the Fox News Channel's rightward bias yet they honestly believe that MSNBC is an objective news outlet.

As a conservative, I hate the war. I'm not even sure what it stands for anymore. Yet this war has been sustained by an all volunteer military throughout these last seven years. So I'm guessing that some young people see a greater cause there than I'm able to. For that reason I will support their mission and pray for their safety and their safe return home.

And finally...

As a conservative, I've tried. I've honestly tried to find something, just one thing that I could get behind President Obama on. So far nothing. This is not a pigment issue either. I couldn't get behind Vladmir Lennin or Karl Marx either if one of them were president. The fact is, had someone told me in Nov of '08 what this President's real agenda was and the tactics he would use to achieve this agenda, I would have brushed it off as a conspiracy theory.

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